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  • solving a system of two and three linear equations (including Cramer's rule)
  • simplification of algebraic expressions (polynomials (simplifying, degree, division...), exponential expressions, fractions, radicals (roots), absolute values...)
  • factoring and expanding expressions
  • finding LCM and GCF
  • basic step-by-step arithmetics operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing)
  • operations with complex numbers (simplifying, rationalizing complex denominators...)
  • solving linear, quadratic and many other equations and inequalities (including log. and exponential)
  • graphing general functions
  • graphing curves (lines, parabolas, hyperbolas, circles, ellipses, equation and inequality solutions)
  • operations with functions (composition, inverse, range, domain...)
  • simplifying logarithms
  • sequences (classifying progressions, find the nth term of an arithmetic progression...)
  • basic geometry and trigonometry (similarity, calculating trig functions, right triangle...)
  • arithmetic and other pre-algebra topics (ratios, proportions, measurements...)
  • linear algebra (operations with matrices, inverse matrix, determinants...)
  • statistics (mean, median, mode, range...)

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Get Algebrator Now!
Download (with optional CD)
only $49.00   $35.00 is an authorized reseller
of goods provided by Softmath

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