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I am very particular about my son's academic needs and keep a constant watch. Recently, I found that he is having trouble in understanding algebra equations. I was not able to devote much time to him because of my busy schedule. Then this software came as God sent gift. The simple way of explaining difficult concepts made my son grasp the subject quickly. I recommend this software to all.
Seth Lore, IA

After spending countless hours trying to understand my homework night after night, I found Algebrator. Most other programs just give you the answer, which did not help me when it come to test time, Algebrator helped me through each problem step by step. Thank you!
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Math is no longer a chore! Thanks so much!
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For years, I paid for an expensive program for my daughter that was nothing more than a glorified tutoring. At my daughters teachers suggestion, I bought your software program. Shes already done so much better that I realize I should have bought it for her a long time ago and saved money!
S.R., Washington

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