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  • Programming the TI-83/84 isn't hard, but it does use a bunch of keys and menus you might not be familiar with. The following procedure is a lot shorter than it looks, because it doesn't just tell you what to enter but helps you find the "shifted" keys. You do need to do things exactly as shown. In particular, some people have the habit of pressing the [2nd] key before every unusual operation. Don't press the [2nd] or [ALPHA] key unless the instructions tell you to, and do be careful not to use one in place of the other. I recommend ticking off each step with a pencil as you do it, so that you don't get lost. Open the Program Editor for a new program. [PRGM] [] [ENTER] Enter a name for the new program, such as QUADRAT. You're already in alpha mode. Use the little green letters, and press [ENTER] when finished. optional: Any good program should give some idea what it's doing. This one-line comment should be instantly recognizable to anyone who has studied quadratic equations. The line you are creating is Disp "AX²+BX+C=0" However, if you want to leave out this documentation step the program will still run. For Disp, press [PRGM] [] [3]. Locate the double quote in green above the [+] key, and press [ALPHA] ["]. Locate the green A above the [MATH] key. Press [ALPHA] [A] [x,T,θ,n] [x²] [+]. Locate the green B above the [APPS] key. Press [ALPHA] [B] [x,T,θ,n] [+]. Locate the
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