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I was searching for months for a piece of software that would help me improve my Algebra skills. My solution was the Algebrator, and now I can tell you how it feels to be an A student.
J.R. Turnston, NY

The Algebrator was very helpful, it helped me get back on track and bring back my skills for my next school season. The program shows step by step solutions which made learning easier. I think this would be very helpful to anyone just starting to learn algebra, or even if they already know it, it would sharpen their skills.
Kevin Woods, WI

Algebrator really makes algebra easy to use.
Richard Penn, DE.

Congratulations & Thanks for this wonderful piece of software. It is both challenging and fun.
R.G., Florida

I failed Algebra at my local community college twice before I bought Algebrator. Third time was a charm though, got a B thanks to Algebrator.
Jessie James, AK

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