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What a great step-by-step explanations. As a father, sometimes it helps me explaining things to my children more clearly, and sometimes it shows me a better way to solve problems.
Jessica Flores, FL

My husband has been using the software since he went back to school a few months ago. Hes been out of college for over 10 years so he was very rusty with his math skills. A teacher friend of ours suggested the program since she uses it to teach her students fractions. Mike has been doing well in his two math classes. Thank you!
D.H., Tennessee

Thanks so much for the explanation to help solve the problems so I could understand the concept. I appreciate your time and effort.
Tom Walker, CA

So after I make my first million as a world-class architect, I promise to donate ten percent to Algebrator! If you ask me, thats cheap too, because theres just no way Id have even dreamed about being an architect before I started using your math program. Now Im just one year away from graduation and being on my way!
Ann Wills, KY

There are so many algebra programs available. I dont know how I got stuck with yours, but academically speaking, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me!
Linda Hodges, SC

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