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I think this is a great piece of software. I applaud your efforts to bring a product to struggling math students such as myself.
B.M., Vermont

As proud as my Mom was every time I saw her cheering me after I ran in a touchdown from 5 yards out, she was always just as worried about my grades. She said if I didnt get my grades up, nobody would ever give me a scholarship, no matter how many rushing yards I got. Even when my coach showed me your program, I didnt want no part of it. But, it started making sense. Now, I do algebra with as much confidence as play football and my senior year is gonna be my best yet!
Reese Pontoon, MO

Thanks for making my life a whole lot easier!
S.H., Texas

It is amazing to know that this software covers so many algebra topics. It does not limit you to preset auto-generated problems you simply enter your own. It is a must for all students. I highly recommend this package to all.
Dr. Stephen Wordell, KA

Kudos to The Algebrator! My daughter Sarah has been getting straight A's on her report card thanks to this outstanding piece of software. She is no longer having a hard time with her algebra homework. After using the program for a few weeks, we said goodbye to her demanding tutor. Thank you!
John Kattz, WA

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