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My son used your algebra software during this school year. He felt it provided him additional support that was not always available at school and helped produce an A for both semesters. In addition, he felt that the software was an excellent review for the final exam. Today I am happy to say that I purchased the Algebra Software as a resource for him.
Ken Edwards, WA

I like the ability to show all, some, or none of the steps. Sometimes I need to cross reference my work, and other times I just need to check the solution. I also like how an explanation can be shown for each step. That helps learn the functions of each different method for solving.
Malcolm D McKinnon, TX

Congratulations & Thanks for this wonderful piece of software. It is both challenging and fun.
Tom Green, MA

The Algebrator software has made my life much easier. I have always struggled with math my whole life. I could never grasp what the teacher was saying. My algebra tutor suggested I check out your software. After looking at the demo, I purchased it. My grades have gone from a D to B! I owe it all to your software.
Colleen D. Lester, PA

The program is a lifesaver, thanks so much!
Mark Hansen, IL

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