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I think it is great! I have showed the program to a couple of classmates during a study group and they loved it. We all wished we had it 4 months ago.
Theresa Saunders, OR

As proud as my Mom was every time I saw her cheering me after I ran in a touchdown from 5 yards out, she was always just as worried about my grades. She said if I didnt get my grades up, nobody would ever give me a scholarship, no matter how many rushing yards I got. Even when my coach showed me your program, I didnt want no part of it. But, it started making sense. Now, I do algebra with as much confidence as play football and my senior year is gonna be my best yet!
Maria Leblanc

Learning algebra on a computer may not seem like the appropriate way, but this software is so easy even a sixth-grader can learn algebra.
Julie Simons, GA

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