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I was really struggling with the older version... so much I pretty much just gave up on it. This newer version looks better and seems easier to navigate through. I think it will be great! Thank you!
J.F., Alaska

At first, I was under the impression your software was aimed at the elementary and high school level, so I didnt use it at all. Finally, one night I on a whim I tried it out and, after getting past the initial learning curve, was just blown away at how advanced it really is! I mean, Ill be using all the way through my BS in Anthropology!
Nancy Callaghan, NJ.

I recently came across on the internet and ordered the algebra software for my child. I am happy to report that the visual and hands on approach is just what my child needed to grasp fundamental algebra concepts.
Horace Wagner, MO

It was very helpful. it was a great tool to check my answers with. I would recommend this software to anyone no matter what level they are at in math.
Maria Peter, NY

As a math teacher, Im always looking for new ways to help my students. Algebrator not only allows me to make proficient lesson plans, it also allows my students to check their answers when I am not available.
John Doer, TX

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